AQUATablet v3

Above is some media from the 2011 Field Trials of the AQUATablet v3 controlling AQUA in open water.  I was fortunate enough to be the robot operator for these trials (see the picture above).

Sessile Sensor

Video footage was collected of the sessile sensor displaying a time-varying message and was shown to be reliably decodable.  Of the data sets that were collected within the operating range of the sensor a 57% identification rate was obtained.  With a capture rate of 30 fps, this results in 17 individual sensor readings were gathered every second.  Out of the eight data sets there were zero false positives proving the system to be fairly robust.

Field Trials 2011

Field trials were conducted in Holetown Barbados between January 21 and 28, 2011.  This year I took lead roles in the development of the AQUATablet v3 and the first iteration sessile sensor for use underwater.  As a result of this work, Kroy was successfully tele-operated by a diver using the AQUATablet interface in open water.  Initial video data of the sessile sensor operating underwater was also gathered and showed promising results.

Copyright 2011 Andrew Speers